Place of 1000 Drips
Place of 1000 Drips 

6-5-09  This is a really cool place if the water flow is good. It's stop #15 on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail and it's right next to the road. The falls is on the left - parking is on the right, but it's limited to a few vehicles. The last time I stopped by was after a nice rain (all the shots on this page) but during drier weather it's just a place of a thousand drips - give or take...


Just before getting to the Place of 1000 Drips, another smaller waterfall spills over the rocks on the left. There's no where to pull off here, so walk back up the road from the above mentioned. parking. The next 2 shots are different angles of this falls. Again, you might not see anything during a dry spell.

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