I got a tip to go to this 40' falls from Adam - thanks man! There's also some info on sctrails.net with just a picture of the top section of the falls which is pictured above. To get there, head down 281 south into South Carolina from Whitewater Falls and take the road to the right that cuts over to Hwy 107. At 107, turn left and drive 1.6 miles to FR 702 which is not marked. It's a single lane dirt/gravel road and there's room to park a couple of vehicles on that side. If you want to leave your vehicle in shade, head down 107 just a few hundred yards farther and there's a vehicle turn around area on the right. Pull off to the side as far as possible.

Hike down 702 for about a mile, cross Bee Cove Creek and take the right fork. Go about another 1/2 mile, passing a 3 way intersection, until you have to take a right over a dirt mound blocking vehicle traffic. Head up that trail for a short ways until the trail starts taking a sharp left. At that point, a smaller trail heads off to the right. There was a piece of red tape tied to a tree when we were there. This trail heads down and begins to fade as you hear the sound of the falls. Look for some more tape that heads to the left down the very steep bank. As you get nearer to the creek, head to the right and up to the top section of the falls. You'll need a wide angle lens if you hope to get all this falls in the frame. The viewing area is small and close to the falls. Here's another shot - the second one is a small cascade right below the main falls.

The going gets tricky if you want to see the lower falls, but it's doable. Stay on this side of the creek and choose your own poison. Next was a small cascade that I would have taken a shot of except for the rhodo that was in the way. Just a little farther down is a larger falls maybe 20-30'. There's not much of a good vantage point on this side of the creek, so we scooted across the fallen tree - you'll see it. Make your own decision as to whether you think it's safe. The next shot is KT checking a shot - I'm sitting on the log we crossed. It's not the one up where he is. The 2nd is a closer shot from where he was.

The last section of the falls we saw was what I thought was the prettiest. There's a lot of fallen timber at the base, so I picked the vantage point on the rock on the right bank. I'm guessing 30-40' high on this one.

I'm not sure if there's any other falls down stream - it didn't look like it from where we were. From here, it's a long and steep climb back up to the main trail.

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