Blue Hole Falls is on a remote section of Cedar Creek in the Sumter National Forest. Finding the creek isn't that difficult, but getting down to the falls is a little tricky. Driving directions from Lake Toxaway, NC are - take Hwy 64 west to Sapphire and turn left down 281 south. Drive about 10 miles into South Carolina, passing Gorges State Park, Thompson River Parking and Whitewater Falls. From the border, the road becomes SC130 - take the 1st right at a sign that points to SC107. At 107, turn left and drive 12-15 miles until it ends at SC28. Turn left, drive 1.9 miles and turn right on to Whetstone Rd (193). Go 0.7 miles and turn left on Cassidy Bridge Rd. Drive another 0.9 miles and turn left on Rich Mountain Rd (FS744). Drive 3.3 miles down this well maintained gravel road and turn right on Cedar Creek Rd (FS744C). This road wasn't in bad shape, but narrows after about a mile. Go 2.5 miles down 744C and look for FS2658 on the right. Park here.

Hike a little over 1/4 mile down 2658 to where the road makes a hard left. Other references called this intersection a 'T', but it's not. Take the narrower path to the right. The path ends in about another 1/4 mile and there are a couple of paths to the left that descend to the creek. We came out just above the chute that feeds down to Blue Hole Falls and below this 15' falls.


From here the trail gets tricky. You have to cross the creek and probably get your feet wet. Cross below where this shot was taken from and head towards the land bends to the right. The trail picks up right in that corner and narrowly descends towards the falls. When we were there, someone at the falls had tied a rope to descend next to the falls - you can see it in the next photo - but the trail is actually just to the left of that. It's a narrow ledge and would be dangerous when wet. To the right of the falls is a high rock wall. The pool would make a nice swimming hole, but we didn't have time to find out. By the time we got down to the falls, dark clouds started rolling in fast and we got the heck on out of there. Just in time too - by the time we got up, it started pouring and it was a wet trudge back to the vehicle.


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