Brasstown Falls - upper section

Update 8-16-21 - I've known this little tidbit of info for a few weeks now, but am now just getting around to updating this page. There are now nice steps and viewing platforms for these waterfalls, so disregard most of what I say below about it being a goat trail to see the series of falls. There's also a bridge over to Little Brasstown Falls! I haven't had a chance to get down to see the changes - or even if they are done - but they should make this area much more kid friendly.

You have a chance of seeing 4 distinct waterfalls when you visit Brasstown Falls. Brasstown has 3 sections, then Little Brasstown Falls is a separate falls accessible from the same parking area. The hike is short, but I don't recommend it for smaller kids. The trail is steep and narrow - you'll need mountain goat skills for parts of it. Little Brasstown Falls is a short jaunt also, but you have to wade across the creek to see it.

Directions: From the intersection of US64 and NC281 south in Sapphire, NC near Lake Toxaway, take NC281 south just into South Carolina and take the 1st right at a sign that points to Hwy 107. At 107, turn left and follow it into SC an on to the stop sign at Hwy 28. I didn't get a mileage, but it's 12-15 miles or so and you'll pass Oconee State Park on the left. At Hwy 28, turn right, drive 2.5 miles and turn left on Chattooga Ridge Rd (196). There's a sign indicating 'to Hwy 76'. At about 3.5 miles is a stop sign at Earl's Ford Rd. Stay straight and Hwy 76 is a total of 9.2 miles from Hwy 28. Turn left on Hwy 76, drive 3.7 miles and turn right on Brasstown Rd. This road starts as paved, but turns to gravel. At 4 miles, just before a small bridge, turn right on FS751 which ends at the parking area in 1/2 mile. The photos below are a combination of several trips to the falls.

From the parking area, the trail starts past the boulders and is an easy 1/4 mile hike to the top of the upper section which is about 50 feet of cascading water. From there, the path narrows and is a little steep in places as it descends next to the falls. I've seen kids and seniors down here, so it's very doable, but can be slippery if wet. The above shot is a section of the cascades. From here, Brasstown Creek flattens out for a short distance before plunging 15-20' over a ledge. The trail is very narrow here as it passes by this next view and a fall could kill you, so pay attention!

Brasstown Falls - middle section 

The trail gets trickier here as it descends towards a frontal view of the middle section of Brasstown Falls. There may be a lot of spray making everything very slippery. If you can make it down to the rocks you'll be at the top of the lower section, so be very careful! The next 2 shots are from this area.

The last section of the falls is a narrow 15' chute that flows into a good sized pool - not very deep but nice for cooling off on a warm summer day. Again, the trail is steep and narrow.

Brasstown Falls - lower section 

Little Brasstown Falls is a little tricky to find. From the parking area, head towards Brasstown Falls and look for a side trail to a camp site before you get to the upper section of Brasstown Falls. Go to the creek and look for a creek on the opposite side that feeds into Brasstown Creek. Little Brasstown is a short ways up that creek, but you have to get wet crossing Brasstown Creek. Find a shallow spot and wade across. It's a really nice little waterfall - maybe 20' high.

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