behind Bridal Veil Falls
behind Bridal Veil Falls

11-15-15  Bridal Veil Falls is the first of the 4 waterfalls on Little River. It's not your typical waterfall either. The top section of the falls is about a 10' high drop over a ledge. The water then flows over exposed bedrock for about 120'. During normal water flow, you can easily walk on the dry bedrock along the falls and sit and soak up the sun as the water flows by you. There are several ways to get to Bridal Veil Falls. All are family friendly for the most part, but vary from about 4 1/2 to 5 miles round trip. The waterfall can be accessed from either the Hooker Falls, Fawn Lake, or High Falls parking areas. I recommend either the High Falls or Fawn Lake access areas. If you hope to hike to Triple, High, and Bridal Veil Falls, the High Falls access is your best bet. If you are only hiking to Bridal Veil Falls and it's the week end, the Fawn Lake parking will probably have fewer people.

Directions to the High Falls parking:  From the intersection of US64 east of Brevard and Crab Creek Rd, drive 4.2 miles on Crab Creek Rd and turn right on to DuPont Rd. Drive 4.2 miles (passing the Hooker Falls access) and turn left into the High Falls parking area on Buck Forest Rd. Bear right on the one way loop that brings you around to the parking and the visitor center.

Begin the hike on Buck Forest Rd. Go around the gate and follow the road for about 1/2 mile to the covered bridge at the top of High Falls. You will have just passed the Covered Bridge Trail coming up from the High Falls viewing area. Continue over the bridge and turn right on Conservation Rd. Follow it for about a mile, then turn right on to Bridal Veil Falls Rd. Follow it for about 1/2 a mile (passing a horse barn on the left) until it ends near the base of the waterfall. Look to the left for paths that lead up on to the bedrock and up to the top of the waterfall.

Directions to the Fawn Lake parking:  From the intersection of US64 east of Brevard and Crab Creek Rd, drive 4.2 miles on Crab Creek Rd and turn right on to DuPont Rd. Drive 5.3 miles on DuPont Rd (which turns into Staton Rd) until it ends and turn left on Cascade Lake Rd. Drive 2.5 miles on Cascade Lake Rd (passing the Corn Mill Shoals parking) and turn left on Reasonover Rd. The Fawn Lake parking is 2.8 miles down on the left.

Begin the hike on the Reasonover Creek Trail. In a very short distance down this trail (0.1 miles), turn left on to Conservation Rd. At about a mile from the starting point, pass an airstrip on the left. At 1.8 miles into the hike, look for and take the left on to Bridal Veil Falls Rd. The road ends in 1/2 mile at the base of the waterfall.

Once you get up to the base of the falls, just look around for the safest place to get up on to the bedrock. If water levels are high, you may not be able to get up to the top. On our last visit, the water was very high and the normal rock hop was too wet and slippery. I backtracked a bit on the trail hoping to stay on dry land and circle around, but found 'Do Not Enter - Hemlock Restoration Project in Progress' signs where I wanted to go. Do not enter this area for any reason! If you do get up on the bedrock,  do not attempt to cross the waterfall to the other side. Not only is it not safe, the other side is still private property and trespassing is strictly enforced. The area over there is the site of the old DuPont plant which has been leveled. Once you get to the top of the waterfall, you might be able to get behind the falls for the view in the 1st photo on this page. This is where the scene from Last of the Mohicans was filmed where some of the characters go behind the falls and into a cave. They did actually go behind the falls, but there is no cave back there - sorry. The rocks back here are quite slippery, so be careful and watch your head on the rocks above you!


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