Lower Cascade Falls 

If you are looking for places along the Blue Ridge Parkway to take the whole family, Cascade Falls in E.B. Jeffress Park and The Lump just a little ways up the BRP are 2 worth considering. E.B. Jeffress Park is at milepost 272 on the BRP. The park is a popular place for family get togethers and picnics, so you'll probably have company.

Directions:  From the intersection of Hwy 421 in Deep Gap and the Blue Ridge Parkway, drive north on the Parkway for about 4.5 miles. E.B. Jeffress Park is on the right and is well marked. The trail to the falls begins at the rest rooms - it's a fairly easy stroll of about 1/2 mile to the top viewing area.

The trail is actually a loop and there are signs along the way telling what some of the vegetation in the area is. You can take either way, but most folks take the right side to the falls and come back the other way. Not too far before the top of the falls, the trail crosses the creek, then follows it down some stairs to a stone wall and the top viewing area. The 2nd picture below is looking down the long cascade.

Another section of the falls can be seen down at the next viewing point...

There's a fence preventing wayward folks from descending the steep bank for views of the cascade from below. It would be nice if the Parkway would build a safe trail to the lower views.


The Lump at milepost 264.4 and is just that - a big rounded grassy lump. But there's a great view and it's a nice place to hang out. It's also a popular place for launching and flying remote control gliders - there were several big boys and their toys playing the day we stopped in. These shots are older ones from my days with a film camera. I haven't had a chance to go back since then.

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