Harry and I found this waterfall kind of by accident. We were in the area looking for a falls suggested to me by Kevin Adams, but weren't able to access the area for that falls, so we picked another nearby creek and decided to investigate it. The only problem is that we weren't keeping track of milages, so I'll only be able to give you general directions.

We were coming from Harry's house in Lake Toxaway so we took 281 north of Hwy 64. The road turns from pavement to gravel after a few miles and stays gravel for quite a few more miles, crossing into Jackson County before turning back to pavement. The state is in the process of paving part of that, so be on the look out for heavy construction vehicles. Once back on the pavement, you'll have to start paying attention. Go around Tanasee Creek and Wolf Creek Lakes and pass the parking for Paradise Falls and the church set off the road on the left. Gray's Ridge Rd will be on the left after that. Go maybe 2-5 miles and turn on Neddle Mountain Rd on the right. It's mostly gravel and dead ends into SR1756 - this road has a name also, but I've forgotten what it is. If you want to avoid the gravel, don't turn on Neddle Mountain Rd. Keep going on 281 and 1756 is the next right. Keep on 1756 for 3 to 5 miles (maybe) and slow down at every bridge that crosses a creek. I think Charley Creek is the 2nd big one. The way you can tell is you're looking for a small brown carsonite stake indicating FR4655 to the left, just after the bridge. This road isn't really vehicle worthy, although it looks like some folks do. There's a 10' ledge falls to the right of 281 that will help indicate you're in the right spot.

Park without blocking the road. Walk up FR4655 passing the 1st fork to the left. This just goes down to the creek and stops. The main road still follows the creek, but starts heading up. Look for and take the next fork to the left, maybe 5-10 minutes up the trail. This road starts to fade out and becomes overgrown, but is still walkable and is still following the creek. At 20-30 minutes total, depending on your walking speed, the road heads down and crosses the creek. Continue up the left side for another 10 minutes or so to the falls.

The falls is pretty nice, actually. The top section is 20-30', but a lot of branches and debris are cluttering up the left side near the base of that section. The creek then levels out for 25' or more before dropping over a 5' cascade. All in all, the falls was a really nice discovery and worth our trip in.

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