waterfall on Chastine Creek

8-12-06 - At first glance this looks like a nice waterfall - and it is. The problem is that over the years some 2 legged pigs have decided that dumping their trash here is more convenient than taking it to a landfill. In the summer, the vines, dog hobble and other vegetation cover up some of the smaller stuff, but a few larger pieces are clearly visible. What a shame - there are several nice cascades along this section of the creek.

Kevin Adams mentions these cascades in his new book. Bernie went to check out the area and took me back for a look see. Don't go just for this waterfall, but you might consider stopping for a look if you are heading to Rough Butt Falls or have come to this area to see the nearby Judaculla Rock. Directions start the same as for Rough Butt Falls. From Cashiers, head north on Hwy 107 for 17.6 miles and turn right on Caney Fork Road. I didn't get a mileage, but it's 9.2 miles up Caney Fork Rd to the parking for Rough Butt. Chastine Creek is before that. It's a left 'Y' turn on to Chastine Creek Rd - SR1745 and is the last left before the parking for Rough Butt. This road is gravel and very narrow. The creek is on the right and the 1st part is private property. You'll see the forest boundary signs near the waterfall less than 1/2 mile up. We drove up a bit farther and parked in a little pull off area on the left, then walked back down the road. The bank down to the creek is very steep and we had to go below the cascades to find a not-as-steep place. You'll have to cross some barbed wire also.

2006 has been a very dry year in western North Carolina and water levels have been below normal. But, apparently some very heavy thunderstorms had hit the area overnight or in early morning. Caney Fork was muddy brown and water level was up. It's fed by Chastine Creek and many others - Chastine was up and kind of dirty, but not really muddy. Less water would have made for better pictures. We estimated this section of creek to be about 50' in height. It's very nice - too bad it's not deeper in the woods out of the range of the littering swine. There are some cascades above this also, but getting down to them wasn't very safe. Here's a closer shot of the upper sections.


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