Connestee Falls 

6-17-11 - Connestee Falls had been closed for over a year while the area was being turned into a public park - Connestee Falls Park. The falls reopened in April 2011 and I finally got down there to take a look. Many thanks to the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy and others for conserving this area for the public to enjoy for years to come.

Directions: Get on Hwy 276 south in the center of downtown Brevard, drive just under 6 miles and look for the Connestee Falls Park sign on the right. Top of the Falls realty is also here. If you miss the 1st turn for the parking area, there's another one a short distance down. The very short stroll to the viewing area begins at the right rear of the parking area.

The good news is that the area is wheelchair accessible and you can take small children without having to worry about their safety. The bad news is you don't have access to the above view of Connestee Falls any more without climbing over the fence - and there's a sign saying to stay on the boardwalk. Actually, you weren't previously supposed to go down for this view, but access wasn't blocked and folks did it on a regular basis. The original plans for the park included stairs down to this middle area of Connestee Falls, but the funding wasn't there. Below is a shot of the new boardwalk to the viewing area and you can see that the fence won't allow small children to squeeze through.

From the viewing area you are actually at the top of Connestee Falls and are looking over at Batson Creek Falls. You may notice a viewing area on the opposite side next to Batson Creek Falls. That's private property and you aren't allowed over there unless you know soneone that lives in the Connestee Falls development. Below is the new view you will have.

The 2 creeks come together in what's referred to as Silver Slip, but you can't see that from this side. Some call it a separate waterfall, but that's a bit of a stretch. The shot below of Batson Creek Falls was taken a few years ago from the flat rock area you can see in the above shot. It offers a better view of both waterfalls, but I don't know if this area will be opened up in the future.

Batson Creek Falls 


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