Crabtree Falls

Crabtree Falls is located in the Crabtree Meadows Recreation Area at MP 339.5 of the Blue Ridge Parkway. When you turn in, head to the right into the camping area, go past the info booth and turn right into the parking lot for the falls. The camping area is closed in the off season, so you may have to park outside the gate and walk in an extra 1/4 mile. The trail to the 70 foot falls is a 2 mile loop. Take the trail from the parking area to a 'T' intersection. The trail to the right is shorter and somewhat easier - I'd give both a moderate in difficulty.. If you want to take the loop back, climb the stairs across Big Crabtree Creek and continue up and along the creek. When you get closer to the campground, spur trails will head off to the right into the campground, but continue to the left until you get to the 'T' - turn right to get back to the parking area.   

I've been to this beautiful waterfall several times and never get tired of going back. It's a very popular waterfall, so plan on going early in the morning for the best photo ops. The photos below are from 3 different visits and 3 different water levels. Normal to below normal will probably give you the best photos.

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