DEW Falls
DEW  Falls

8-1-16  DEW Falls is a really nice little waterfall that is very easy to get to. The reason for the caps on the name is that the waterfall is named for Dorothy Ehrlich Walker who died in an automobile accident during her senior year at Hammond School in South Carolina. The hike is only about 0.1 miles (depending on where you park) and is fairly easy. Both the hike and the waterfall are kid friendly. You can combine this waterfall with Johns Jump to make a fairly easy half day outing.

Directions:  From the intersection of US64 and NC281 south in the Lake Toxaway area,  turn south on 281 and drive just under 5 miles and park at the gate on the right. The hike begins here. Or, go just a little farther and look for a big grassy spot on the left side of 281 and park here. This is the parking for Johns Jump Falls. If you park here, walk back up to the gate and begin the hike there.

For a year or 2, the area beyond the gate was fixed up as a small camping spot with a picnic table. I think it was getting trashed and the forest service decided to no longer maintain it. Hike past this area on the road and look for a side trail on the left just a short distance ahead. Follow this path the remaining way to the waterfall.

DEW Falls


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