Falls on Double Branch
Falls on Double Branch

The only time I have visited this waterfall was over 10 years ago - back in 2004. It's not one that I would make a special trip back to see, but when I'm back in that area and have a little free time, I'll stop by again to see what shape it's in and to shoot video. The waterfall is a series of smaller drops and is probably over 40' high overall. The hike is just over 1/4 mile and there's a little off trail and some scrambling to do at the falls to get in a position for a decent shot.

Directions: From the intersection of the Blue Ridge Parkway and NC215, drive south on 215 for 8.3 miles and turn right on Tanasee Gap Rd. Or, from the intersection of US64 and NC215 west of Brevard at Headwater Outfitters, drive north on 215 for 8.7 miles and turn left on Tanasee Gap Rd. Then drive 4.6 miles and look on the left for FR9999. Park here without blocking the gate.

Hike up the forest road for just under 1/4 mile to the point where the road begins to go down hill. Head into the woods on the left at this point in a generally SE direction and you should begin to hear the waterfall after a few minutes. Keep heading towards the sound and you can't miss it. There's no telling how many trees have fallen since I was there, but the best view was from a boulder in front of the waterfall. Below is another isolation shot from the falls.

While you're down there and if you have time to kill and like to creek walk, you might want to explore a ways down creek. Double Branch flows into Parker Creek a very short distance below the waterfall. Harry and I decided to explore down Parker Creek to see what was there. We didn't find any waterfalls, but a section of the creek flows over smooth bedrock and reminded us of parts of Panthertown Valley - except the water was crystal clear instead on tannin colored. We followed it for 1/2 mile or so before turning around. The creek eventually flows into private property. Here's Harry trying to reach the bottom of a crevice with a hiking stick along a section of the creek.

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