Emily Falls - Polk County
Emily Falls


6-2-16  Emily Falls is only about 12' high, but it's really worth seeing and is one the entire family can visit. The easy hike is just over 1/4 mile and the pool is even deep enough for kids to splash around in. One word of caution though, this waterfall is in gamelands and is a very popular hunting area. I would avoid it during hunting season (except on Sunday) or wear blaze orange if you decided to go in season. North Carolina hunting seasons can be found here and you'll want to especially check on turkey and deer season. You could combine this waterfall with Case Falls which is not too far back up Big Hungry Rd for a nice 1/2 day outing.

Directions:  From I-26 southeast of Hendersonville, take exit 53 at Upward Rd and head away from Hendersonville - east. The road here is 2 lanes heading your way, but the right lane will end. Drive 1.6 miles and turn right on Big Hungry Rd. In half a mile, the road forks and it looks like you should stay to the right, but stay on Big Hungry Rd which bears to the left. In another 1/4 mile you'll bear right to stay on Big Hungry Rd. From here drive another 4.3 miles to a dirt/gravel drive on the right. If you are coming from Case Falls, turn right on Big Hungry Rd from Gallimore and drive 3.8 miles to the dirt/gravel drive. Pull into the drive and park in the small area on the left. Do not block either of the gates.

The trail to Emily Falls begins at the gate on the right when you first pulled in. The main gravel road straight ahead is the Long Ridge Trail and is designated for hikers and bikers, but is not the trail to the waterfall! You can search online for a map of the Green River Gamelands to see where it goes if you like. Back at the path to Emily Falls, just beyond the gate is a field kept up for wildlife. There's no real trail here, but you can easily walk around the right side of the field. You will then pass into a second wildlife clearing. Continue through it and in a short distance come to an old dirt road. Turn left here and Bishop Branch will be on your left. Continue a very short distance and you'll see the waterfall on the left. There's a short, steep, and kind of slippery path that leads down to the dirt area below the falls.

Emily Falls
Emily Falls

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