I can't tell you where these falls are because they are on private property - actually 2 adjacent properties but the same creek. I got a tip about these, found them on a topo, then called who I thought was the landowner. A nice lady said one of the falls was on their property, but the other 2 weren't and she wasn't sure who the landowner was. I asked and she was nice enough to allow Harry and I to visit the falls.

Fairfield Falls

It's a really nice falls and I'm guessing it's about 25' high. This was about the best vantage point without getting wet. From there we decided to follow the creek up and find the other falls. There weren't any 'no trespassing' signs, so we decided to proceed. The next one - Twin Falls - is about 1/2 mile up and is in a beautiful secluded setting - I'm guessing 30-35' high.

Twin Falls

Just above this falls is another one that reminded me of Schoolhouse Falls in Panthertown Valley. It's a 10-15' spill over a ledge with room to walk behind the water flow - a very relaxing little area.

upper Twin Falls

upper Twin Falls

The last falls we went to on the creek - Maidenhair Falls - is about 1/4 farther up the creek. It's the tallest of the 3 - at least 50' counting the small cascades at the base, but there's a lot of clutter and fallen timber, so it doesn't make a great photo - still nice, tho! Both shots are from the same vantage point.

Maidenhair Falls

Maidenhair Falls

I recently received an email telling me that the last 2 falls are also on private property, so please respect any landowner's rights and don't trespass.


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