Fall Creek Falls

8/21/04 - Fall Creek Falls State Park is home to 6 waterfalls, including the highest vertical drop east of the Rockies - Falls Creek Falls at 256'. Here's the link to the park's home page. It has directions and everything you need to know about the park. Bobbie and I decided to tent camp here on our recent trip. I was a little disappointed in the campground. The sites are very close together and most of the sites were occupied by RV's or campers of some sort. We arrived on a Wednesday and there were very few sites left. I'd say if you decided to go on a Friday night or Saturday morning, your chances of getting a site are just about zero. The bath house was clean, but there was no hot water. However, the scenery more than made up for the lack of a little privacy that we were hoping for, and the park makes a good home base for exploring Burgess Falls and the Virgin Falls area.

Instead of me telling you how to get to the falls in the park, it would be best for you to just pick up a map at the park office. There's one on the above web site also. I'll just show some pictures and tell a bit about what we did. The main attraction is Fall Creek Falls, shown in the above photo. If you look to the right of the falls, you may notice a wet spot and trickle. That's Coon Creek Falls, best seen after a good rain. The viewing area where this shot was taken is very easy to get to and handicap accessible. There's also a trail leading from this area down to the base of the falls. If you're in average shape and sure footed, you should be able to handle it. You'll go by some tall rock walls that would be worth seeing even if the falls weren't down there.

It's an entirely different perspective from down there. From the top it looks like it would be easy to get behind the falls. From the base, a sensible person will see how dangerous it would be. This next picture doesn't really show it, but the bank behind the falls is steep and the rock is very loose and slippery. Stay away and just enjoy the view.

If you are running short of time, don't bother with Piney Creek Falls. It's a nice 80' falls, but trees obscure the view and there's no way to get a better view than from the rock overlook that you have to climb down to. The view is across a gorge also, so you're not very close to the falls. I took the trail that said 'suspension bridge' and got a closer glimpse, but trees still blocked a good view. The bridge goes across Piney Creek above the falls and I'm not sure where it goes from there - it was getting late and I turned around.

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