These next 3 falls are accessed from the Nature Center. Pictured above is Cane Creek Cascades. This 45' falls is right behind the nature center and is a popular swimming hole. One trail leads down to the creek, another leads across a suspension bridge above the cascades.

The above shot is a view from the bridge looking down over Cane Creek Cascades. The creek then bends around and spills 85' over Cane Creek Falls. For a good view of the falls, continue over the bridge and follow the trail around the left side of the gorge. Follow the map and take the spur trail down for this awesome view.

The falls to the left is the 125' Rockhouse Falls. Note the people in the upper middle of the photo. That viewing area is right behind the Nature Center, but doesn't offer a good view of the falls. There is a trail down the the base of these falls - the cable trail. This trail isn't for the faint of heart and shouldn't be done in wet conditions. The trail is steep and rocky and the park has installed a thick cable to aid in the descent. It's about a 200' drop in elevation to the creek from the top. Walk up the left side of the parking area to pick up the Paw Paw Trail, then follow it a short ways, crossing Rockhouse Creek, to the cable trail on the left.

The park offers much more than just the waterfalls. It's considered a resort state park and there's a golf course, an inn, a lake, restaurant and a few other goodies. Check their web site for more details on all of this.


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