upper waterfall on Fall Creek

5-3-08  Fall Creek is one of several creeks with waterfalls that empty into the Chattooga River. There are actually 3 waterfalls on Fall Creek, the 35' upper waterfall pictured above is next to the road down a steep bank. The other 2 are more difficult to get to, but fairly easy to find for people with intermediate exploring experience.

Directions: Coming from Lake Toxaway, head west on Hwy 64 and turn left on 281 south. Drive about 10 miles past Whitewater Falls just into South Carolina and take the 1st right at a sign that points to Hwy 107. At 107, turn left and follow it for 13-14 miles to the stop sign at Hwy 28. You'll pass Oconee State Park on the left on the way down Hwy 107. At Hwy 28, turn right, drive 2.5 miles and turn left on Chattooga Ridge Rd (196). There's a sign indicating 'to Hwy 76'. At about 3.5 miles is a stop sign at Earl's Ford Rd. Keep straight, drive another 3.7 miles and turn right on Fall Creek Rd (FS722). Coming from Westminster SC, drive west on US 76 for 16.2 miles and turn right (east) onto Chattooga Ridge Road. Drive about 2 miles and turn left on to Fall Creek Rd. At about 0.3 miles down this road, bear left at the fork. At 0.7 miles, cross the creek and park on the left. Look for the trail down the steep bank to the base of the 1st waterfall.

On the way down the trail to the 1st waterfall, you'll pass an unmarked trail heading down creek. Take it to continue down to the second waterfall which is over a mile away. The trail is easy to moderate in this section and the land is fairly flat. It's not really an official trail, but fairly obvious most of the way. If you aren't paying attention, you could lose it in a couple of places. Just keep heading down creek on the right side. When you see the land ahead of you begin to fall away, you'll know you are getting close to the top of the second waterfall. The trail is a little tricky in this area, so be careful! You'll pass this glimpse of the waterfall down through the trees and you will begin to drool.

second waterfall on Fall Creek

Look for the steep trail down to the base of this beautiful waterfall. It's maybe 30' and one of the finest you'll ever see.

second waterfall on Fall Creek

third waterfall on Fall Creek

After soaking up this beautiful scene for a while, we climbed back up to the trail and continued down creek. Not too far down is the 3rd waterfall. It's smaller, but still nice and you are at the point where the creek meets the river. All in all, this is an excellent hike with beautiful scenery and cool places to hang out and relax.


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