Flat Creek Falls

11-19-06  Flat Creek Falls is an awesome 200' waterfall. The problem is that there is no trail to the waterfall that doesn't cross private property. Another minor detail is that there's no place to see the entire waterfall in one view. The view above is from the base and shows the tall (maybe 75'?) free fall, but not the taller upper section or all of the cascades below.

Directions: From Hwy 64 near Lake Toxaway, take Hwy 281 north for 1.3 miles and bear left on Slick Fisher Rd just after the store/cafe. Follow Slick Fisher for 4.5 miles until it ends at the now gravel 281. Turn left and drive about 3.5 miles to a left turn across a bridge on to Rock Bridge Rd (SR1140). Drive another 1.7 miles and bear right at a fork. This is FR4662 and it continues on down for just over 2 miles until it ends at Flat Creek. Park here. Before I go any further with Flat Creek Falls which is down creek, I need to mention a new waterfall found in 2006 by Bernie which is up creek and a lot easier to get to. Click here to read about it.

Back to Flat Creek Falls - if you want the view in this next shot, stay on the side of the creek you parked on. You either have to be really good with a GPS or really good at reading a topo. It's fairly obvious from the angle where this shot was taken from. It's up to you to figure out the best way to get there. There are no trails, but you might pick up some old overgrown logging roads. If you get lost in here you are in serious trouble! If you fall from this open cliff face, you will be very dead.

I've been 2 ways to the base of Flat Creek Falls. From the parking area you either have to wade or cross the logs over the creek. If you want to stay legal, you can do what Harry and I did on our last visit in 2006. We just followed the creek about a mile and a half down to the top of the falls. Sounds easy, but mind you there is no trail. We picked up remnants of fisherman's trails, waded in the creek some, bushwhacked some and followed some old roads. There's no doubt when you reach the top of the waterfall. We had a view across to Boardtree Knob, but the rock face you see in the above shot is way too steep to get out on for shots of the upper sections. To get to the base, we had to go up to the right in that photo, then work our way down. The steepness kept pushing us away from the waterfall and by the time we got to the creek, we were well below the falls and had to work our way back up to the base. Also, if you refer to the 1st picture on this page and the free fall section, that rock wall extends into the woods away from the waterfall. But, it gets smaller so if you can find the point to where it blends back into the forest floor, you can follow the rock up to the base of this section. Everything is still steep at this point, so it's no easy task. The sun was directly in my face, so the picture is horrible, but I got one with Harry in it for perspective. The scene here is outrageous and we hung around at least an hour. If the water level is up, the spray might be too much to handle.

Back to the parking area and the other way to the base. Cross the creek and head up to the big ugly camp site. We took the logging road above the campsite and kind of followed the pink ribbons that were there at the time, taking every right fork and turn when we came to one. The entire hike to the creek was on old roads. We never came across any 'no trespassing' signs, but part of the area was taped like it might soon be developed. One wrong turn in here and you could be lost for days. Worse even is you might end up as somebody's entertainment for the afternoon. The hike down these roads was probably close to 3 miles and it descended drastically before reaching the creek.

When the road finally reached the creek, we crossed through the creek, looped back around, then had to wet cross again. The road then turned into more of a trail up the creek. At another point before the falls we had to recross one last time and follow a faint trail up to the base. I've been to this waterfall 3 times now and still don't have pictures I like. I'll be back...


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