Glen Burney Falls 

5-10-08  I finally made the time to revisit Glen Burney and Glen Marie Falls in Blowing Rock. Last time I was there was in 2002 and the water flow was even lower than it was on this day. At least the photos are a bit improved. There are very few waterfalls in this area and I guess these 2 are your best bet. Both waterfalls are accessed from the same trail. It's about a mile to Glen Burney and another 1/4 mile down to Glen Marie. The trail is moderate with some steep parts so it's not suitable for small children.

Directions: From the Blue Ridge Parkway and US 321, head south on 321 towards Blowing Rock. Drive about 3/4 miles - staying in the right hand lane - and take this turn only lane for Business 321/221 to the right. A big shopping center will be on the right. Come to the split for 321 and 221 in downtown Blowing Rock, but stay on Business 321 for less than 1/4 mile and turn right on to Laurel Lane. You will have passed Park Ave. Drive about 0.1 miles on Laurel Lane, pass the median and turn left into the narrow drive leading down into Annie Cannon Park. It's very easy to pass this drive.

The trail begins at the info sign and immediately goes down and crosses New Years Creek. Continue past the back of some houses and switchback down. The trail is easy to follow and crosses the creek once again about 1/2 mile down. There's a cascade before the main waterfall, but I didn't get a shot on either trip. Continue down the trail to a side path to the right that leads to this viewing deck at the top of the falls. There's not much to see here. Do not go down to the top of the falls from here! Several people have died here by slipping and sliding off of the waterfall.

Go back to the trail and continue down towards the base. Come to a fork and turn right towards the creek. Then come to a T intersection and turn right to go the short distance to the base of the waterfall. You'll have the view shown in the 1st picture on this page. To continue down to the 60' Glen Marie Falls, come back to the T, but continue straight. You'll soon come to the top of the waterfall. There are signs and a cable saying not to go out on to the rocks. Continue down the path to some not so good side views of the waterfall. It's in several small sections and you can't really see the entire falls from one point. Continue down to the base for this view.


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