Grassy Creek Falls

4-12-17  It's been a few years since I've visited Grassy Creek Falls, but I have updated information on where to park to see this waterfall. It's on private property and the landowners should be commended for allowing the public in to see this beauty. The hike to the 25' high waterfall is just under a mile and easy to moderate in difficulty. You can see the waterfall from the road you hike in on, but you can also scramble down for a closer look.

Directions: If you are coming via the Blue Ridge Parkway, get off at the Little Switzerland exit around MP335. Turn right on Chestnut Grove Church Rd, go under the Parkway, and park on the right at Grassy Creek Falls Rd. There used to be a small area to park down the road, but this is no longer here and there is nowhere to park, so please respect the wishes of the landowner and park at the top of the road. There are also other ways to get here. If you are coming from the Asheville area, take I-40 east down the Old Fort grade and take the US70/Old Fort exit at the bottom. US70 goes into downtown Old Fort and continues towards Marion. The 2 lane will change to 4 in Marion just before it crosses US221. Take a left on 221 north. If you are coming from east of Marion, take the US221 exit in Marion and continue to the US70 intersection. Continue north on 221 for about 6.5 miles to the stop light at NC226. You will have passed the left turn for Toms Creek Falls. Turn left on NC226. After a mile or so, 226 turns right. Continue straight on NC226A to avoid most of the traffic and big trucks. 226A winds it's way up the mountain for about 10 miles to Little Switzerland. Turn left at the sign for the Blue Ridge Parkway, drive under the BRP and Grassy Creek Falls Rd is on the right.

Walk down Grassy Creek Rd for about 1/4 mile to a creek crossing. Keep walking for another 1/4 mile until the road bends sharply to the right and you see a blue gate. Just before the gate, take the lesser road that cuts back hard to the right. In a few minutes you'll cross a creek, and in another few you will be at the top of the waterfall. The waterfall is in several sections and it's a rather steep descent down the bank to get a better view. The rock near the top is unstable, so I suggest going down the road a bit more where it isn't as steep. The top section of the falls flows over a ledge and there's room to get behind the falls. The rocks here are extremely slippery, though. The waterfall then levels out for a few yards and drops off of a small shelf. It then cascades down a couple more levels or so. Again, many thanks to the landowner who has allowed others to enjoy this beautiful spot!


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