Hebron Falls (aka Hebron Rock Colony)

5-19-15  I had been to this area when I first began looking for waterfalls back in the late 90's, but never put it on the site for whatever reason and never made it back for a follow up visit. I finally did make it back and there is a lot to see along this section of Boone Fork! The waterfall is more of a series of small drops in between and around some very large boulders (above photo), so it's hard to put a height to it. On the day Cindy and I went in May 2015, it had just rained and the boulders were very slippery so I didn't get a chance to climb around for closer shots of the smaller individual waterfalls. It's also a very popular swimming and hang out spot for ASU students and others wanting to cool off on a hot summer day. Hebron Falls is accessed via the Boone Fork Trail which is an excellent 5 mile loop trail. The hike to the falls is about 1.5 miles, but there are more cascades and small falls farther down the trail on Boone Fork. The hike is easy to moderate and mostly bigger kid friendly.

Directions: Do not park at the previous access point on Old Turnpike Rd! Your car will be towed and you will get a citation. I haven't been this way, but I'm sure there are signs. Instead, get on the Blue Ridge Parkway at your favorite access point and head to MP 296.5 which is the large picnic area of the Julian Price Memorial Park near Price Lake. Drive into the picnic area and look for the first set of bathrooms on the left. The trail begins just beyond the bathrooms and is well marked. On a nice week end there will be a lot of people here, so pick a parking spot in any of the small parking areas scattered around the picnic area.

The trail begins by crossing Boone Fork on a foot bridge. Continue a short distance to where the trail loop comes together and take the loop to the right along Boone Fork. A small sign indicates Hebron Falls is 1.4 miles ahead. The first part of the trail is out in the open and passes through a lot of Goldenrod. I recognized the foliage on the May hike, but it won't bloom until probably mid to late September and should be a beautiful sight. Boone Fork is quite flat in this area with very few rock or boulder areas. At about a mile in though, the trail passes a really nice hang out area with a couple of small waterfalls and some rock areas. The next 3 pictures show some of it.

If you have smaller kids that can make it this far, this would be a good destination. The water wasn't flowing very fast on the day of our visit and you and the kids could splash around and have a great time. Remember that wet rocks are very slippery - keep a close eye on the kids at all times! From here, get back on the trail and continue another 1/2 mile or so and look for a sign for Hebron Falls which points to the side trail leading about 0.1 miles down to Boone Fork and to the base area of the falls. This side trail is steeper and might be slippery after a rain. Once you get to the base, you'll see where people have scrambled up the right side to get out on the boulders above. Below is a shot down creek from Hebron Falls.

If you want more of an adventure, head back up to the main trail and continue on the loop. In a very short distance you'll have to climb a wooden ladder among some large rock - very cool area. Then look for the trail to make a hard right and head back down towards the creek with more big rock on your right. This is another beautiful spot on Boone Fork.

From here, it's not that far down the trail to the next photo-worthy spot.

The final place we stopped along Boone Fork is about 2 miles from the parking area. When you see the small double falls from the trail (next photo), climb down the rocks and you'll have the view in the 2nd shot.

From this point you can either head back the way you came, or continue on the Boone Fork Trail for another 3 miles and complete the loop. The trail has been rerouted in the past few years, but is fairly easy to follow. Just look for the orange blaze marks or 'BFT' for Boone Fork Trail. Part of the trail follows Bee Tree Creek for a ways and will take you through the Price Lake campground before returning to the picnic area.

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