High Falls 10-18-07
High Falls

High Falls can be accessed from either the Hooker Falls or Buck Forest parking areas. Most people hike from the Hooker Falls parking. From here it's a moderate hike of about 1 mile to the trail side view. This 100' waterfall is one of the finest around and is well worth the hike. The covered bridge at the top is recent and more of an eyesore given the recent history of the area. The picture above was taken in low water conditions.

From the south side of the Hooker Falls parking lot, take the new foot bridge across the Little River and follow the trail under the road. Connect with the Triple Falls Trail that heads up river. It's less than 1/2 mile to Triple Falls. Continue past Triple Falls a short ways and bear left on the High Falls Trail. You'll be walking along a calm section of Little River between Triple and High Falls. After about 1/4 mile come to a fork - stay left on the Riverbend Trail to get to the base of the falls or continue to the right on the High Falls Trail for less than 1/4 mile uphill to the trail side view of High Falls and the picnic tables above. A short distance past the view is a trail leading towards the base of the falls. There are some good views down there, but parts are mucky and slippery. In higher water, the spray will be pretty bad. People swim at the base of the falls in warmer weather, but do not try to climb the rock up the waterfall from down here! The forest police frown on this and you may end up with a well deserved spanking and a hefty fine. Plus, you could fall and die .

To get to the covered bridge at the top of the waterfall, continue a short distance up to an intersection and turn left which heads up to Buck Forest Rd and the covered bridge. The view looking out over the top of the waterfall is nice. There are signs clearly indicating not to go out on the rock at the top of the falls, so don't do it! The forest police really don't like to see people doing this and you will probably end up with a ticket or being arrested.  

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