High Falls
High Falls - Thompson River

 High Falls is the first waterfall I visited on the Thompson River. The hike is just less than 3 miles round-trip and easy to moderate in difficulty. The hardest part is the final plunge down to the creek and the creek crossing to get to the view in the above photo. Plan on getting your feet wet. You may not have to if the river level is down and it's almost not worth the trip if you can't cross. The trail ends to the right in that photo and you don't have even a good side shot. If the river level is up substantially, you may not be able to cross safely at all.

Park at the Brewer Rd pull-off mentioned on the previous page and hike up the old gated logging road. Stay on this road. You may notice other trails and old roads branching off. Just less than a mile in you'll hear a small 20' waterfall on Reid Branch off to the left. I hadn't been back down to it since the early days, so I decided to give it another look on out August '07 trip. There's now a fairly well defined trail that probably also serves as a drainage. It goes down and branches, so you'll just have to work your way to the bottom. I guess the hurricanes of 2004 washed all the log clutter away from the base of the falls. It didn't go too far, but it seems there is more room now than there was back in 2000. Water levels have been low around here for a while now and it really shows here.

waterfall on Reid Branch 8-4-07

Back on the main trail, keep going for a couple of minutes and look for a side trail to the right. This is just about a mile from the parking. I used to mention another trail/old road to the right before this trail, but this has become overgrown and I haven't really noticed it on my recent trips in. The trail to High Falls is an obvious trail, just narrower than the main trail. If you miss it, you'll end up down at the river crossing. Take this side trail for just less than 1/2 mile. Thompson River will be on your left. You should notice a small side trail to the left that heads down towards the base of the falls. As I mentioned above, you'll probably have to wade to get across for the good view. Be careful - it's slippery!


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