Hooker Falls
Hooker Falls

4-17-18 - New bathrooms are being added to the Hooker Falls parking area! Currently, there are only portable toilets. Construction begins today and as a result, the upper parking lot will be closed to the public. Traffic flow in the lower lot will also be altered to allow construction vehicles to access the upper lot where the bathrooms will be located. During this time, the Holly Road Trail and Moore Cemetery Trail will be closed to the public. Construction should be completed in mid-August. DuPont SF is a zoo in the summer months. If you plan to go, get there early or you may not get a parking spot. Do not park along Staton Rd where the 'Do Not Park' signs are located. In other areas along Staton Rd where people pull off to park, your vehicle's wheels must be completely off of the pavement!


Hooker Falls is accessed from the Hooker Falls parking area and is the easiest waterfall to get to in DuPont State Forest. The hike is less than a mile round trip and is along a gravel road. The large pool at the base has become a very popular swimming hole, so be prepared for crowds on summer week ends. This is a fairly safe swimming area in normal conditions since the waters below the waterfall are part of Cascade Lake.

Directions:  From the intersection of US64 east of Brevard and Crab Creek Rd, drive 4.2 miles on Crab Creek Rd and turn right on to DuPont Rd. Drive 3.1 miles and turn right into the Hooker Falls Access parking area. Drive through the first parking lot and back to the second (newer) parking area. (If you come mid day in the summer, you may end up back in the old lot because the new one will be full.)  Look for the Hooker Falls Trail before you cross the footbridge over the Little River. This access area was improved a few years back. The parking lot is now bigger and a new foot bridge over the Little River allows access to the Triple Falls Trail and above without having to cross the busy road.

At the kiosk before the foot bridge, the Hooker Falls Trail is the gated gravel road that leads down river. Stay to the left at any intersection. The trail first comes to an overlook at the top of the waterfall for the view of the falls in the picture below. Do not try to climb down from this point! Continue down the trail for a very short distance to the large pool at the base of the falls, then you can head up the left side for a closer look from the side of the waterfall. Stay off of the top of the waterfall! Even though the waterfall is less than 15' high, you can still slip and crack your skull or other important body parts. Remember that rock is harder than bone!

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