The trail to Hidden and Window Falls lies at the opposite end of the parking area and is also easy. It's 0.4 miles to Hidden Falls, which is about a 10' little falls. It's not much, but you might as well stop.

Hidden Falls

Window Falls is only another 0.2 miles down the trail. This is a really cool area, but the park service has recently constructed 2 viewing areas that kind of ruin the natural setting. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people have been hurt here in the past, so maybe they had to. Anyhow, the next shot is the view from where the upper viewing area is. You can see the 3-4' hole in the rock formation that gives the falls it's name.


If you head down to the creek above the falls and look up creek, there's another 10-15' falls. The wall on the right is where the window is.

Head to the base of the lower falls for this view. There's some fallen trees right in front of the falls, and finding a good place for a photo is tough.

Window Falls

click here to see Tory Falls & Hanging Rock

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