On my most recent trip to the park, I took in Tory Falls which I hadn't been to before. You can go outside the park and drive to a parking area for the falls. From here it's only 0.2 miles to the falls. I took the 4 mile trail from the campground which passes thru the parking area near the end. It's a fairly easy trail and was worth the extra time. Tory Falls is a nice little area. The trail comes out on some rocks at the top of the falls with a nice view of the top section of the falls.

Tory Falls

The falls is probably over 100 feet, but you can't see the whole thing from anywhere. I scrambled down to the middle section, but there's really nothing worth showing. The last section is very tight and even harder to get down to, so don't bother unless you've GOT to have a photo. Here's the one I had to have...

If you're in the park and aren't just looking for waterfalls, the trip up Hanging Rock is worth it. It's about a mile up and a little steep if you are out of shape, but the view is spectacular. Here are a few shots - the 1st is from the trail near the base.

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