The links below will take you to the page that each waterfall is on. Some pages have more than 1 waterfall, so you may have to scroll down to find the one you are looking for. Waterfalls are in NC unless otherwise noted.

Abrams Falls - Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tenn

Alarka Falls - Swain County

Auger Hole Falls - Transylvania County

Aunt Sally's Falls - Transylvania County

Avery Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Upper Avery Creek Falls - Transylvania County

waterfall on Barnett Branch Trail - Transylvania County

Bard Falls - Avery County

waterfalls on Basin Creek - Wilkes County

Baskins Creek Falls - Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tenn

Batson Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Bearcamp Falls (Hilliard Falls) - Transylvania County

Bearwallow Creek - Transylvania County

Bee Cove Falls - SC

Bennett Cove Falls - Transylvania County

Bernie's Falls - Transylvania County

Bestos Falls - Transylvania County

Big Bearwallow Falls - Transylvania County

Big Bradley Falls - Polk County

Big Branch Falls - TN

Big Falls (Thompson Falls) - Transylvania County

Big Laurel Falls - Macon County, NC

Big Laurel Falls - TN

waterfall on Billy Branch - Transylvania County

Blue Hole Falls - SC

Bonas Defeat Gorge - Jackson County

Bradley Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Brasstown Falls - SC

Bridal Veil Falls (near Highlands) - Macon County

Bridal Veil Falls - (DuPont State Forest) - Transylvania County

waterfall on Brooks Creek - Macon County

Bubbling Spring Branch Cascades - Haywood County

upper Buck Creek Falls - Jackson County

Bull Cove Falls - Clay County

Bullet Creek Falls - Tennessee

Burgess Falls - Tennessee

waterfall on Camp Branch - South Carolina

Cane Creek Cascades - Tennessee

Cane Creek Falls - Tennessee

Caney Bottom Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Carlton Falls - Jackson County

waterfall on Carrick Creek - Table Rock State Park, SC

Cascade Falls - Wilkes County

Case Falls - Henderson County

Cataract Falls - Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tenn

Catawba Falls - McDowell County

Cathedral Falls - Transylvania County

Catheys Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Cedar Rock Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Chasteen Creek Cascade - Great Smoky Mountain National Park, NC

waterfall on Chastine Creek - Jackson County

Chestnut Falls - Transylvania County

Chestnut Cove Branch Falls - Avery County

Chimney Rock State Park - Rutherford County

Chub Line Falls - Transylvania County

waterfall on Clawhammer Creek - Transylvania County

Cliff Falls - Greenville County, SC

Cody Falls - Transylvania County

Coker Creek Falls - Tennessee

Conasauga Falls - Tennessee

Connestee Falls - Transylvania County

Confusion Falls - Greenville County, SC

Corbin Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Coon Creek Falls - Tennessee

Coon Den Falls - Carter County, Tennessee

Courthouse Falls - Transylvania County

Cove Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Crabtree Falls - Yancey County

Crane Creek Falls - SC

Cullasaja Falls - Macon County

Daniel Ridge Falls - Transylvania County

Dargans Cascade - Greenville County, SC

Deep Ford Falls - Transylvania County

Dennis Cove Falls - Carter County, Tennessee

D.E.W. Falls - Transylvania County

Dill Falls - Jackson County

Discovery Falls - Transylvania County

Dismal Falls Transylvania County

Double Falls - aka Virginia Hawkins Falls, SC

Double Branch, falls on - Transylvania County

Douglas Falls - Buncombe County

Drift Falls - Transylvania County

Dry Falls - Macon County

Duggers Creek Falls - Burke County

Eastatoe Falls - Transylvania County

Eastern Stream Falls - Greenville County, SC

Elk Falls - Avery County

Emily Falls - Polk County

Fairfield Falls - Jackson County

Falls Branch Falls - Tennessee

Fall Creek Falls - Oconee County, SC

Fall Creek Falls - Tennessee

Falls Creek Falls - Greenville County, SC

Falls on Big Branch - Jackson County

Falls on Charley Creek - Jackson County

Falls on Maple Spring Branch - Transylvania County

Falls on Yellow Branch - SC

Fern Branch Falls - Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tenn

Firewater Falls - Greenville County, SC

Flat Creek Falls - Jackson County

Flat Creek Falls - Swain County - GSMNP

Flat Laurel Creek Falls - Haywood County

French Broad Falls - Transylvania County

Forney Creek Cascade - GSMNP, NC

Frolictown Creek Falls - Jackson County

waterfall on Fowler Creek - Jackson County

Fungi Falls - Polk County

Gemini Falls - Transylvania County

Glassmine Falls - Buncombe County

Glen Falls - Macon County

Glen Burney Falls - Caldwell County

Glen Marie Falls - Caldwell County

Gorges State Park - Transylvania County

Gragg Prong Falls - Avery County

Granny Burrell Falls - Jackson County

Grassy Creek Falls - Mitchell County

Grassy Creek Falls - Transylvania County (DuPont)

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

waterfall on Green Creek - Table Rock State Park, SC

Greenland Creek Falls - Jackson County

Grogan Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Grotto Falls - Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tenn

Hanging Rock State Park - Stokes County

Harper Creek Falls - Caldwell County

Hebron Falls (aka Hebron Rock Colony) - Watauga County

Henry Branch Falls - Transylvania County

Hen Wallow Falls - Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tenn

Herrin Knob Falls - Jackson County

Hickory Branch Falls - McDowell County

Hickory Nut Falls - Rutherford County

Hidden Falls - Stokes County

High Falls (Beech Creek) - Clay County

High Falls (Pisgah Forest) - Transylvania County

High Falls (DuPont State Forest) - Transylvania County

High Falls (Thompson River) - Transylvania County

High Shoals Falls - Burke County

Hiker's Peril - South Carolina

Hilliard Falls (Bearcamp Falls) - Transylvania County

Hooker Falls -Transylvania County

Hunt Fish Falls - Avery County

Indian Creek Falls - GSMNP, NC

Indian Flats Falls - GSMNP, TN

Issaqueena Falls - South Carolina

Jack's Cove Falls - Transylvania County

Jackson Falls - Transylvania County

Jawbone Falls - Jackson County - Panthertown Valley

Joe Pack Falls - Transylvania County

Jocassee Gorges

John's Jump Falls - Transylvania County

Jones Gap Falls - South Carolina

Juneywhank Falls - GSMNP, TN

Kiesee Falls - Upper and Lower Falls - Transylvania County

King Creek Falls - SC

Last Falls on Slickum - Greenville County, SC

Laughing Falls - Transylvania County

Laurel Falls - Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tenn

Laurel Fork Falls - Transylvania County

Laurel Fork Falls - SC

Lee Falls - SC

waterfall on Left Prong of South Toe River - Yancey County

Lichen Falls - Jackson County, Panthertown Valley

Licklog Falls - SC

Linville Falls - Burke County

Little Bearwallow Falls - Henderson County

Little Bird Falls - Haywood County

Little Bradley Falls - Polk County

Little Brasstown Falls - SC

Little Creek Falls - Swain County, GSMNP

Little Deep Ford Falls - Transylvania County

waterfall on Little Fall Branch - Haywood County

Little Lost Cove Creek Falls - Avery County

Little Moore Cove Falls - Transylvania County

waterfalls on Little River - South Mountains SP, Burke County

Log Hollow Falls - Transylvania County

waterfall on Long Branch - Transylvania County

Long Creek Falls - SC

Looking Glass Falls - Transylvania County

Lower Falls - Stone Mountain State Park, Wilkes County

Lower Bearwallow Falls - Transylvania County

Lower Cascades - Stokes County

Lower Falls on Big Creek - Rabun County, GA

Lower Laurel Fork Falls - Transylvania County

Lower Waterfall on Bubbling Spring Branch - Haywood County

Lower Piney Falls - Tennessee

Lower Satulah Falls - Macon County

Lower Whitewater Falls - SC

Lower Wildcat Falls - Haywood County

Lynn Camp Prong Falls and Cascades - GSMNP, Tenn

Maidenhair Falls - Jackson County

Maidenhair Falls - Transylvania County

Mashbox Falls - SC

Max Patch Mountain - Haywood County 

Meigs Falls - GSMNP, Tenn

Melrose Falls - Polk County

Merry Falls - Transylvania County

waterfalls on Middle Creek - Macon County

Middle Falls - Stone Mountain State Park, Wilkes County

Middle Falls - Tennessee

Midnight Hole - GSMNP, NC

Mill Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Mill Creek Falls - Table Rock State Park, SC

Mill Station Creek Falls & Cascades - Transylvania County

Mingo Falls - Swain County

waterfall on Miser Creek - Transylvania County

Misty Falls - SC

Miuka Falls - SC

Mooney Falls - Macon County

Moonshine Falls - SC

Moore Cove Falls - Transylvania County

Moravian Falls - Wilkes County

Mouse Creek Falls - GSMNP, NC

The Narrows - Pickens County, SC

Nellie's Falls - Jackson County

North Harper Creek Falls - Avery County

Oil Camp Falls - Greenville County, SC

Opossum Creek Falls - South Carolina

Overflow Falls - Rabun County, GA

Ozone Falls - Tennessee

Paradise Falls - Jackson County

Paw Paw Falls - Transylvania County

Panthertown Valley - Jackson County

Pearson's Falls - Polk County

waterfall on Phillips Branch - Caldwell County

Picklesimer Rock House Falls - Macon County

Pigeon Branch Falls - Transylvania County

Pigpen Falls - SC

Piney Creek Falls - Tennessee

Pinnacle Falls - Pickens County, SC

Pisgah National Forest

Place of 1000 Drips - GSMNP, Tenn

Poundingmill Branch Falls - Transylvania County

Rainbow Falls - GSMNP, Tenn.

Rainbow Falls - Horsepasture River, Transylvania County NC

Rainbow Falls - Cox Camp Creek, SC

Ramsay Cascades - GSMNP, Tenn.

Ranger Falls - Macon County

Raven Cliff Falls - SC

Raven Rock Falls - Transylvania County

Red Rock Falls - Transylvania County

waterfall on Reid Branch- Transylvania County

Rhapsodie Falls - Transylvania County

Riding Ford Falls - Jackson County - Panthertown Valley

Right Fork Falls - Transylvania County

waterfall on Right Prong of South Toe River - Yancey County

waterfalls on Road Prong - GSMNP, TN

Roaring Fork Falls - Yancey County

Rockcliff Falls - Greenville County, SC

waterfall on Rockhouse Creek - Transylvania County

Rockhouse Falls - Tennessee

Rock Slab Falls - GSMNP, NC

Rough Butt Falls - Jackson County

Rufus Morgan Falls - Macon County

Sam Branch Falls - Haywood County

Schoolhouse Falls - Jackson County

waterfalls on Scotsman Creek - Jackson County

Second Falls - Haywood County

Secret Falls - Macon County

Secret Falls - SC

Setrock Creek Falls - Yancey County

Sheep Falls - TN

Shuck Ridge Creek Falls - Transylvania County

Shunkawauken Falls - Polk County

Sidepocket Falls - Transylvania County

Sid's Falls - South Carolina

Simon's Falls - Transylvania County

Silver Slip Falls - Jackson County

Silver Run Falls - Jackson County

Skinny Dip Falls - Haywood County

waterfall on Slate Rock Creek - Transylvania County

Sloan Bridge Falls - South Carolina

Slick Rock Falls - Transylvania County

Sliding Rock - Transylvania County

Slippery Witch Falls - Transylvania County

Soco Falls - Jackson County

Sol's Creek Falls - Jackson County

South Harper Creek Falls - Avery County

South Mountain State Park - Burke County

waterfall on South Toe River - Yancey County

Spoonauger Falls SC

Spruce Flats Falls - Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tenn

Stairway Falls - Transylvania County

Standing Stone Falls - Transylvania County

Station Cove Falls - SC

Steels Creek Falls - Burke County

Step Around Falls - Transylvania County

Stillhouse Falls - Transylvania County

Stone Mountain Falls - Stone Mountain State Park, Wilkes County

The Sinks - GSMNP, Tenn.

Sweet Thing on Slickum - Greenville County, SC

Thompson Falls (Big Falls) - Transylvania County

Toll Road Falls - Greenville County, SC

Tom Branch Falls - GSMNP, NC

Toms Creek Falls - McDowell County

Toms Spring Branch Falls - Transylvania County

Toxaway Falls - Transylvania County

Triple Falls - Transylvania County

Tumblin' Fun Falls - Transylvania County

Turtleback Falls - Transylvania County

Twin Boulder Falls - Transylvania County

Twin Falls (Henry Branch) - Transylvania County

Twin Falls (private property) - Jackson County

Twin Falls (Thompson River) - Transylvania County

Twin Falls (Toxaway River) - Transylvania County

Twin Falls - Pickens County, SC

Upper Bearwallow Falls - Transylvania County

Upper Cascades - Stokes County

Upper Catawba Falls - McDowell County

Upper Courthouse Falls - Transylvania County

Upper Creek Falls - Burke County

Upper Dill Falls - Jackson County

Upper Falls - Graveyard Fields, Haywood County

Upper Piney Falls - Tennessee

Upper Waterfall on Bubbling Springs Branch - Haywood County

Virgin Falls - TN

Virginia Hawkins Falls - Pickens County, SC

Walker Falls - Buncombe County

Warden's Falls - Jackson County - Panthertown Valley

Wash Hollow Falls - Haywood County

Whiteoak Creek Falls - Yancey County

White Owl Falls - Transylvania County

Whitewater Falls - Jackson County

Widow's Creek Falls - Stone Mountain State Park, Wilkes County

Wildcat Falls - Haywood County - Pisgah National Forest

Wildcat Branch Falls - Greenville County, SC

Wilson Creek - Caldwell County

Window Falls - Stokes County

Windy Falls - Transylvania County

Wintergreen Falls - DuPont State Forest, Henderson County

Wintergreen Falls - Gorges State Park, Transylvania County

Wolf Creek Falls - Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee

Yellow Creek Falls - Tennessee

Yellow Branch Falls - SC

Yellow Jacket Falls - SC

Yellow Patch Falls - Jackson County

Yellowstone Falls - Haywood County

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