Log Hollow Falls  6-28-14


10-17-14 - You can see 4 waterfalls in this stop - 2 are kid friendly (Log Hollow and Logging Road Falls) and 2 require a bit of scrambling to get to (Discovery and Upper Log Hollow Falls). Bigger kids may still be able to get to them without any trouble. The waterfall pictured above - Loh Hollow Falls - is the main one that is written about and is right next to the trail. If you are just looking for a quick out and back, this one is an easy 1/2 mile hike. If you have the Pisgah trail map, you'll also see other possibilities for hikes in this area.

Directions:  From the intersection of NC 280 / US64 / US276 near Brevard, drive north on US276 for 10.1 miles and take a left on FR475B. Drive 1.6 miles on this gravel road to the 2nd hairpin turn to the left and look for a gated forest road 5043 on the right - park without blocking the gate. There's an big brown informational sign here about timber harvest and clean water. If you are coming from the fish hatchery side, it's about 5 miles to this same spot. All 4 waterfalls are accessed from this parking area. The waterfalls are listed in the order that you will come to them.

Discovery Falls - Cross the gate and follow the trail (road) a very short distance through an open area. In less than 1/4 mile from the parking area, come to the first bridge and look for a faint unmarked path heading up the right side of the creek. Follow this trail up for less than 1/4 mile and you'll see the waterfall ahead. I first found this waterfall in 2003 while visiting the waterfall on Log Hollow Branch. There had been a lot of rain and I wondered if there was a waterfall on this first creek also. At the time, there was no trail up the creek and I was very surprised to find this beautiful 50' high waterfall! Once you get to the base of the waterfall, you'll have to get out in the creek or on the other side for a decent shot. The base of the waterfall is littered with fallen logs, so be careful. The opposite bank is very steep and it's difficult to get in position for a shot there also. The first picture below is from the 2003 discovery showing what the falls looks like with above average water flow. The second shot is more normal flow.

Discovery Falls

Log Hollow Falls - From the first bridge mentioned above, continue up the trail for another 5 minutes or so to the next bridge and the 30' Log Hollow Falls which will be on the right. Cross the bridge and look for the side trail on the right up to a closer view of the falls. The leaning tree you see wasn't leaning when I first visited this waterfall years ago, but you can still get a decent shot of the falls by wading up towards the base and using a wide angle lens. Be sure to note the rock at the bottom part of the waterfall - very unusual. The first picture below is a shot from the bridge from late June 2014. The second shot is from 2006 - before the leaning tree.

Log Hollow Falls

Upper Log Hollow Falls - This waterfall is up creek from Log Hollow Falls. While at the viewing area off the main trail for Log Hollow Falls, look to the left for a faint path heading up the bank, then up parallel to the creek. It's not much of a trail, but you'll go by some nice cascades and in a few hundred yards come to the 20' falls in the next photo. You'll have to scramble down the bank for a closer view and there's not much of an area to enjoy the waterfall. This shot of the waterfall is from 2006. I went back in 2014 to get an updated shot and couldn't get down for the same view due to a bald faced hornet nest hanging right where I needed to be. It also looked like more debris had washed down to the base of the waterfall.

Upper Log Hollow Falls 

Logging Road Falls - The last waterfall at this stop is about a mile from the parking, but is still an easy hike along the old road which serves as the trail. Head past Log Hollow Falls for another 10 minutes and the waterfall is right next to the trail. It's about 75' high and somewhat obscured by leaves in season. This unnamed creek normally has low flow also, so is best seen after a lot of rain as shown in the first picture below.

Logging Road Falls 

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