I had been down this way to see Lower Satulah Falls back in the late 90's during a drought, but it was barely even a trickle. This last time in early November '03, I hadn't intended to stop. My destination was the 3 Forks Trail in northern Georgia and I was chasing the last of the fall color for this year. Coming from Lake Toxaway, my best way was to head out Hwy 64 to Highlands, then take Hwy 28 into Georgia. Once I started heading south on 28, the oranges, reds, and yellows brightened the drive. I came to a pull-off with a view and decided to stop. Turned out it's the pull off for Lower Satulah - 3.5 miles from Hwy 64.

The falls is over 100 feet, but you are looking at it from a distance, so it's rather unspectacular. It's in the shadows of the above shot, in the lower middle right, above the burnt orange tree. It's in the Nantahala National Forest, but the land in between is private property. The view is what's the winner in this stop. Just to the left of the above shot is a view of Scaly Mountain with the Blue Valley in the foreground.

11-02-03 view of Scaly Mountain and Blue Valley

To the right is a view of Satulah Mountain.


From here I headed down the the 3 Forks area in Georgia to see Overflow Falls and the Lower Falls on Big Creek. You can read about it here.

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