Merry Falls near DuPont State Forest
Merry Falls  10-24-2006

12-25-19 - Merry Falls is a really nice road side waterfall that up until recently has been on private property. There was never any problem with people stopping and going down for a look. The good news is that it is now part of DuPont State Forest! Over 700 acres of property was donated in a will to the forest in 2018 and this land includes Merry Falls. I hadn't been by there in a while, so I drove by today for a look and nothing looks different. I'm not sure if DSF has any plans for this area, but right now there's only a little bit of road side parking.

Directions:  From the intersection of US64 east of Brevard and Crab Creek Rd, drive 4.2 miles on Crab Creek Rd and turn right on to DuPont Rd which is renamed Staton Rd along the way. Drive 5.3 miles and bear right on to Cascade Lake Rd. The pavement quickly turns to gravel after the turn, but the road was in good shape when I was here last. Drive another 1.8 miles and Merry Falls is on the left, right next to the road. Pull to the side of the road in this area so you don't block traffic.

A very short scramble trail leads down for a better look at the falls. If water levels aren't too high, you can get down to creek level for a different perspective.

Merry Falls near DuPont State Forest
Merry Falls   12-4-2015

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