Harry and I decided to explore Mill Station Creek in late December '02. The trail head is at the end of FR 140, the same place to park for Upper Courthouse Creek Falls. Take the gated road to the left (SSE) instead of the one straight ahead up Courthouse Creek. The road follows a ridge and is a fairly easy 20-25 minute walk through hardwood forest to Mill Station Creek. This area would be beautiful during peak fall color. Here are a couple of shots from along the way.

There's a smaller branch that flows in from the right and we followed it for a ways but didn't find any falls. It's a nice creek tho, but probably wouldn't be much in dry weather. There's a faint trail up the left side of Mill Station Creek, but we kinda bushwhacked closer to the creek on the way up. I'm guessing we followed the creek for at least half a mile, and here's what we saw along the way. The upper 2/3 of this next photo is about a 6' drop.

The next falls is also in the 5-6' range and flowed into a very small pool.

This next one is about the same size, but the pool is a bit bigger and would make a cozy little skinny dippin' hole for 2 people. The water looked to be 4-5' deep near the falls and was crystal clear.

These last 3 are in the same size range also-

We probably only went half way up the creek to it's origin near Tanasee Bald, so I'll have to make a return trip to explore the rest of it.

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