We weren't even planning on stopping here the day we ventured into SC to see Spoonauger and King Creek Falls, but a guy we met at the King Creek parking lot suggested we check it out. He didn't know the name and we didn't even think to check Mark Morrison's book to see if it was in there - duh. Turned out it is. We came back out Burrell's Ford Rd. to Hwy 107 and continued south (right). Just a short ways down on the left is the Cherry Hill camping area. The parking area for the trail to the falls is just passed this on the left at the barricaded old road that leads back to the camping area. The trail head is near the road and heads up into the woods. There used to be a trail sign, but it was laying near the barricade when we were there.

It took us 30 minutes to get to the falls - it's a fairly easy hike along Winding Stairs Trail. The trail heads uphill, then along and down the west fork of Townes Creek. After about 15 minutes, the trail follows a ridge away from the creek, then cuts back towards the creek. It was late December '01 when we were there and had this view through the trees of a small lake below somewhere along the trail.

At the next bend in the trail near the creek, there's a steep path down towards the falls. The trees and brush are fairly thick along the creek and there's no good view from this side of the creek. We took a reasonable chance and crossed through the creek to the only place to get a shot of the falls. It's fairly steep and a slip would send you sliding down creek and into the news headlines and/or obituaries, so if you don't want to take this chance, don't bother going. Another bummer was that the sun was shining on the top part of the falls, so a decent shot of the falls was impossible - for me anyways. The top section of the falls is shown in the 1st photo above, then the water flow narrowed as it rushed by us down a nicely colored granite face.

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