Moonshine Falls
Moonshine Falls

12-16-11   I had visited Moonshine Falls back in 2002 when the trail began near the fire station on Hwy 276. Since then, some property that the trail passed through was sold and that trail was closed. Shortly after that, the kind folks at Asbury Hills Summer Camp & Retreat off Hwy 276 stepped up to the plate and now allow the public to park and hike through their property. Do not go without calling ahead to make sure it's OK 864-836-3711. I made a return trip in 2006 with SCJack, but was counting on him to lead us there since I didn't have directions - and he did. The only problem was I wasn't paying very close attention or taking notes and there are a lot of trail splits. Just recently, a visitor to my site - Daric Dillon - made a trip to the falls and provided us with more detailed info. Thanks Daric!!

Directions: From Brevard take Hwy 276 south into South Carolina. The entrance to Asbury Camp is about 4 miles past Caesar's Head on the right. If you are coming up from the south, the camp will be on the left about 1.5 miles north of the Hwy 11 split. Once on camp property, drive back until you see the basketball courts on the left and park in the spaces provided. Walk part the courts and the pond an on to the trailhead.

The trail is a little over 5 miles round trip and is moderate in difficulty. I wouldn't recommend it for small children as there is a creek crossing on a cable bridge that may be difficult for a kid - and maybe for some adults. The trail is red blazed and well marked while it is on camp property. Stay on it, but make note of all the side trails that you don't want to take - especially on your way back. The trail will eventually come to the cable bridge and crossing of Matthews Creek. Here's a shot of Jack crossing -

If the water level is low enough, you may be able to rock hop across or you can always find a safe place to wade across if the cables freak you out. As you can see, you hold on to the upper cable and shimmy across with your feet on the lower cable. Once across, come to a wooden post. The trail blazes are now pink. Stay to the right and shortly begin an ascent away from the creek. Come to another fork in the trail and look for a small stack of rocks. (Remember that these may or may not be here in the future.) The pink blazes continue to the left, but you want the right fork. Hike some more and come to another fork in the trail with a stack of stones with red paint on them. Bear right here and begin looking for a 'U' shaped tree where you will bear left and descend down to the waterfall.

You can get behind the upper section. There are still 55 gallon drums from the moonshine operation that was run there. They are behind where I was standing in this next shot, then there's a shot of the falls from below with SCJack in it for perspective.


To get to Confusion Falls from Moonshine, it's probably best to head back up to the top of the trail where you came down to Moonshine and continue down creek from the ridge line. You may notice where it appears people have been going. Confusion Falls isn't that far down the creek, but if you descend back down to the creek too soon, you'll come to a smaller unassuming waterfall. You'll know you've arrived if you see something like this next shot. There are a couple of big old trees down across the cove and impossible to get a frontal shot without including one of the trees. I really liked this falls. It's actually 2 creeks falling together as you can see on a topo of the area.

Confusion Falls


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