Nellie's Falls
Nellie's Falls

9-23-06 This waterfall is a true Bernie Boyer special. He suspected there was one  here by studying the topo, then field checked his hunch, and has cut a trail to make it easier for everyone to find. Thanks Bernie!

The hike is easy to moderate and about 1.5 miles round trip. Park at the same place as for Flat Creek Falls. Either wade or take your chances on the logs crossing Flat Creek. Head to the right at take the 1st trail to the left (not too far down). It crosses jeep mounds and heads slightly uphill. After about 10 minutes, look for and take an obvious but older logging road to the left. Follow this for about another 10 minutes, passing a side trail to the left. This logging road kind of ends at this point, but look for Bernie's trail to the left. My visit was soon after Bernie trimmed and cut his way in, so I was able to follow the path of cut branches. You'll be in a low area near Flat Creek, so some of the going may be soggy. You should hear the waterfall at this point. When you get to the creek, you should be below this nice little cascade.

You'll have to cross the creek at this point and Nellie's Falls will be visible through the trees. The trail continues behind the big rock on the left to the view of the waterfall shown in the photo at the top of the page. This is a really nice 20-25 footer! There's also an upper falls which is more difficult to get to. Cross back over the creek below the smaller cascade back up to the little ridge, then look for a trail to the left that follows the contour up to the falls. The best view is from the left side - use common sense to determine if you think the view is worth the risk.

me at upper Nellie's Falls
me at the upper falls

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