11/13/04 - Ozone Falls is typical to this area - free falling water in an amphitheater type setting. It's an easy waterfall to get to, so unfortunately there was a lot more litter than I care to see - any is too much, and that includes cigarette butts.

Directions: Coming from east of the area on I-40, take exit 338 at Westel Rd and drive 3 miles south on it to Hwy 70. Turn right and drive 4.4 miles to the Ozone Falls State Natural Area on the left. Parking is along the road. If you are coming from west of the area on I-40, take exit 329 at Crab Orchard and drive 4.6 miles on Hwy 70 to the parking on the right. It's maybe a couple of hundred yards from the parking area to the top of the falls. You can get an excellent view of the drop if you dare to get close enough. To get to the base, follow the trail along the rim away from the falls. It comes out back at the road a little farther down from the parking, then heads down and towards the falls.

On the day Dana and I were there, the sun was out and shining on part of the falls area, so photos didn't turn out that great. Dana spotted a couple of rappellers and talked them into making a couple of extra descents for the camera. Thanks Adam and Sean!

Update 7-21-05 - A lady just emailed me saying rappelling is strictly prohibited at Ozone Falls. Her son fell 75' in July '04. He and his friends had rappelled several times previous to this without knowing it was illegal.

Despite the litter, this is a beautiful area and you would hardly guess you were that close to civilization when you are at the falls. It's a waterfall that I will go back to when the leaves are back on the trees.


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