Carlton Falls - 12/27/03

Just as the trail to Greenland Creek Falls comes to the base of that falls, look to the left and you'll notice it continues up. The first part of the trail is very steep, but levels out a bit near the top of the Greenland Creek Falls. At that point, it descends towards the creek at the top of the falls. Do not go out to the top of the waterfall! If you fall you will die. The trail continues up, still on the left side of Greenland Creek.

The very narrow trail continues to follow the creek and is fairly easy to follow. It is not one that is on the new Forest Service map and is now becoming somewhat overgrown. It crosses a couple of smaller creeks that feed into Greenland Creek and passes a couple of cascades on Greenland Creek. I wasn't sure what the upper falls look like, and thought that maybe the small falls pictured below might be it.

The trail continued on and so did I. The lay of the land began to level out and I really didn't think I would find a falls, but about 30 minutes past Greenland Creek Falls, I heard the sound that is music to my ears - the sound of falling water through the trees! The falls is in 3 sections - the trail comes out at the base of the lower section which is about 15-20' high. I had to cross the creek for this next shot. Not shown is the small 'cave' area to the right of the falls.

From down here I could tell there was more above, so I continued up the trail on the left side for the view of the upper sections in the first photo above. I'm guessing these sections total about 50'. The middle is kind of half bowl shaped.

The trail continues up to the top of the falls where there's a sign indicating the falls as Carlton Falls, named for Carlton McNeill.

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