Little Bradley Falls
Little Bradley Falls 


4-25-16  Polk County is an often overlooked area of the mountains of western North Carolina. The newest NC waterfall guide book by Kevin Adams (due out in June 2016) has a lot more waterfalls listed for this area than what I have here, but I'll be visiting them as soon as I can and will add them here when I do. Polk County borders South Carolina and offers a variety of activities including hiking, biking, and paddling. The charming small towns of Tryon, Saluda, and Columbus lie within it's borders and offer fine dining, shopping and musical entertainment. Click on this link to learn more about what this area has to offer.


Bradley or Big Bradley Falls -

Case Falls - (actually in Henderson County, but really close to Polk)

Drip Falls -

Emily Falls -

Fungi Falls -

Little Bradley Falls -

Melrose Falls -

Pearsons Falls -

Shunkawauken Falls -

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