After the log bridge, the trail soon passes through stand of large trees. Roots and rocks can make the trail difficult if you have bad knees or ankles - the trail is full of them from here to the falls. Nearer to the top, be on the lookout for a smaller falls on the right. You can barely see it from the trail and there's a little side trail, then a climb over some rocks to get to it. It's about a 15' cascade over some boulders into a small pool with a moss covered bank on the right.

Back on the trail, it's not much farther to the main falls. The main section of Ramsay Cascades is a 50' spill over several ledges into a small pool, then the creek flows over a couple of smaller cascades.

We were there late morning to early afternoon on a partly cloudy day. If you are going to take pictures on a sunny day, late afternoon would be your best bet.

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