view of Rumbling Bald Mountain from 2006 aerial shoot
view of Rumbling Bald Mountain from 2006 aerial shoot


4-12-10  There really isn't much information available about Rumbling Bald Mountain. If you are on Chimney Rock looking across that finger of Lake Lure, you'll see it as the last mountain before the next finger of the lake. In the above image, the first peak of Rumbling Bald Mountain is in the middle right and has the exposed rock on the left side. The mountain continues towards the top of the image (NE) - Shumont Mountain is the mountain at the top. To the right, the small bit of exposed rock is Eagle Rock which has some killer views. I know part of Rumbling Bald Mountain is in Chimney Rock State Park and part is owned by the Nature Conservancy. Other land is privately owned. If you Google 'Rumbling Bald Mountain' you'll find some info on rock climbing and a lot more on real estate in the area. The exposed rock faces of Rumbling Bald have been a climbing destination for a few years now. Access to the unofficial parking areas used to be up an old road, but the state has recently improved that area and has provided a very nice parking lot for climbing access. From the Chimney Rock Park entrance, head down Hwy 64/74 towards Lake Lure and the marina for about 3/4 mile and turn left on Boys Club Rd just before crossing the bridge. Drive 1.4 miles up Boys Club Rd and turn left up into the signed parking area.

Rumbling Bald Climbing Access
parking lot for Rumbling Bald Climbing Access

The trail begins in the far right corner of this lot. From there you head down, then up the road to the right. There are quite a few little side trails leading off to who knows where and none of them are currently marked. The climbers know where to go. If you follow the trails they lead up to the base of the climbing area which is strewn with hundreds of oversized boulders. It's a very interesting area even if you don't climb. You'll also find quite a few spring wildflowers along the trails near the base of the mountain.

There is also foot access to the top of Rumbling Bald via an old road that climbs up the SE side of the mountain. The road comes to the top of the first peak, then follows the ridge line towards Shumont Mountain and continues on to Eagle Rock. From what I understand, there hasn't been a problem with people hiking up here, but this is not yet officially open as part of the state park. To get to the parking area, get on Boys Club Rd, drive 1.9 miles (passing the parking for the climbing area) and take the left fork. At 2.1 miles, turn left on Carson Way. At 2.8 miles, turn left up to the water tower and park without blocking the road or access to anything. The hike begins up the red clay old road. In a short distance, turn back to the left and continue up that old road to the summit and beyond. The round trip hike to Eagle Rock and back is 7 miles and is moderate to difficult. The road is heavily eroded in places and the first mile or so is steep. On my April '10 hike to the area, sections of this road were also covered in downed tree tops from the winter's storms. Below are a couple shots from the top areas. More pictures, a topo map, and more babbling about this hike can be seen on this page of my PBase galleries. Click on the thumbnail of the map to begin. I hope to have more info and pictures on this unique area soon.

The above shot is looking over part of Lake Lure towards Chimney Rock. Chimney Rock Mountain is to the right, the World's Edge tract is to the left of that, then Cane Creek Mountain is on the left.

view of Rumbling Bald Mountain from Eagle Rock

The view from Eagle Rock back to Rumbling Bald is awesome. It looks like a different mountain than it does from the side that most folks see it from. The last shot below shows an interesting rock pile (with SCJack on top of it) that's closer to Shumont Mountain.


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