Virginia Hawkins Falls - Pickens County

Upstate South Carolina is home to some beautiful waterfalls also and it would be a shame to not include them on my site. If you are not from this area of the country, you will be very close to the upstate if you are planning a trip to southern Henderson, Transylvania, and Jackson counties in North Carolina. Thomas King has an excellent guide book you might want to pick up - Waterfall Hikes of Upstate South Carolina. My friend Renee has begun a web site for waterfalls in Oconee County, SC and she has waterfalls I don't have listed here. For more information on other outdoor activities in the upstate, click here for the official SC Department of Natural Resources web site. South Carolina also has an excellent state park system - more info can be found here. I believe all of the SC state parks now charge an entrance fee. If you plan on visiting several of the SC state parks in the span of a year, I suggest getting one of the South Carolina State Parks passports. It will pay for itself after a very few visits.

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Greenville County

Cliff Falls, Firewater Falls, and Rockcliff Falls - Caesars Head State Park

Dargans Cascade - Jones Gap State Park

Eastern Stream Falls - Jones Gap State Park

Falls Creek Falls

Jones Gap Falls

Last Falls on Slickum

Mashbox Falls

Misty Falls

Moonshine Falls

Oil Camp Falls - Jones Gap State Park

Rainbow Falls

Raven Cliff Falls

Sweet Thing on Slickum

Toll Road Falls - Jones Gap State Park

Wildcat Branch Falls


Oconee County

Bee Cove Falls

Blue Hole Falls

Brasstown and Little Brasstown Falls

waterfall on Camp Branch

waterfalls on Crane Creek - Secret, Crane Creek & Yellow Jacket Falls

Fall Creek Falls

Hidden Falls - Oconee State Park

Hiker's Peril

Issaqueena Falls

King Creek Falls

Lee Falls

LickLog Falls

Long Creek Falls

Lower Whitewater Falls

Maxie Duke Falls

Miuka Falls

Moondance Falls

Opossum Creek Falls

Pigpen Falls

Ramsey Creek Falls - Chau Ram County Park

Reedy Branch Falls

Riley Moore Falls

Secret Falls

Sid's Falls

Sloan Bridge Falls

Sparkle Falls

Spoonauger Falls

Station Cove Falls

Yellow Branch Falls


Pickens County

Laurel Fork Falls

Pinnacle Falls  aka Beech Bottom Falls

waterfalls in Table Rock State Park - on Mill Creek, Carrick Creek and Green Creek

Twin Falls

Virginia Hawkins Falls - aka Double Falls

The Narrows


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