Setrock Creek Falls

Setrock Creek Falls and Roaring Fork Falls are 2 really nice waterfalls that probably don't get the attention they deserve. Both falls are in the same general area and there are several ways to get to them depending on which way you are coming from. If you have the time, be sure to check out this little beauty on Whiteoak Creek. From areas west of Old Fort, take I-40 east and get off at Exit 72 (Hwy 70). Drive about 9.5 miles on Hwy 70 and take a left on Hwy 80 at a stop light. From areas east of Marion, get off I-40 on Hwy 221, go north to Hwy 70 west, then look for 80 north to the right. Hwy 80 is a very curvy road once it passes the lake. At just under 12 miles, come to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Continue on Hwy 80 for another 2.2 miles and turn left on South Toe River Rd (SR 1205). There may be a sign for the Busick Work Center and Black Mountain Campground.

If you want to hit Roaring Fork Falls 1st, cross the bridge and turn left at the Busick Work Center sign. This road ends at the Center in less than 1/4 mile. Park on the left, the trail is the gated road to the right. Hike up the road for just over 1/2 mile. You'll begin to hear the creek on the left and the road crosses the creek. Just before the crossing, take the path to the right over the foot bridge. The trail ends at the base of the falls a short distance from the road. The falls is a 100' long beautiful cascade (3 pictures below).

To get to Setrock Creek Falls from Roaring Fork, come back out to SR 1205 and take a left and reset your odometer. Drive past the golf course and the road turns to gravel and is now FR 472. At 2.2 miles, bear right at the fork and pass some homes on the left. At a total of 2.8 miles, park on the left across from the entrance to the Black Mountain Campground. Do not drive into the campground! On my last visit in late Feb '06, FR 472 was closed past the campground.

To get to Setrock Creek Falls from the Mount Mitchell area of the Blue Ridge Parkway, you can go 3.3 miles from the intersection of Hwy 128 and take a left on FR 472 if it's open. (If it's not open, continue to Hwy 80 and follow the above directions.) Go 4.7 miles on FR 472 and park on the right just across from the Black Mountain Campground. Remember that parts of the Parkway are closed during the winter months. Walk into the campground and take the 1st road to the left. Look for the signs for the group camping area and Mt Mitchell trail. Follow that road up and take the 2nd side trail to the right. There's a stake there indicating the trail to the falls. If you're not sure, ask at the office. It's an easy hike to this 75' cascade.

Roaring Fork Falls


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