Shunkawauken Falls 12/30/03

Shunkawauken Falls is fairly near Big and Little Bradley Falls and well worth a drive by if you are in the area. From the Bradley Falls, get back on I-26 and head east - well, the sign says east but the interstate actually north/south, so you'll be heading towards South Carolina. Get off at the next exit which is a few miles down and take a left (east) into Columbus on Hwy 108. At just under a half mile, take a left on Houston Road which is at a stop light. Drive another 1/2 mile and take the right fork - you'll still be on Houston Rd although it looks like the left fork would be the one called Houston Rd. At 0.6 miles, take a left on White Oak Mountain Rd. There's a left turn right before this that leads into a housing development called White Oak something, so don't turn in there. Drive 2 miles up the very curvy White Oak Mountain Rd to the falls which is right next to the road.

Just past the falls on the left is a small area to pull off so you can walk back to the falls. The photo above is a 150' section of the falls that you'll see on the right side as you drive by. The falls continues to spill down the mountain to the left, but we were running out of time and didn't go down to investigate. The above shot is misleading - it was taken with a very wide angle lens and is actually a lot closer to the road than it appears. Be careful if you get out to enjoy the falls - the road is narrow and there's no shoulder to speak of. We were there in late December and I plan to head back for another visit when the leaves are back on the trees.

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