Silver Slip Falls - right waterfall
Silver Slip Falls - right side waterfall

10-12-05  When I read the description of this waterfall in Kevin Adams new book, I didn't put it high on the list of ones to add to the web site. But Bernie was showing me some other stuff he had discovered in the Cashiers area one day and we had some spare time, so he suggested that we check it out. Both of us were pleasantly surprised at what we found. There are 2 waterfalls here as Kevin describes and there is a house at the top between the 2 waterfalls - definitely not a wilderness setting. The waterfalls are very close to one another and you see both from the same viewing area, but they aren't close enough together to get in one shot. The land in between is 'V' shaped and the house is at the top, but not as intrusive as I had pictured. The landowners have cut down the rhododendron and shrub between the falls and have just left it there. It's an eyesore, but if they clear that off and things green up again it would help.

update 8-21-06 - A visitor to the site recently emailed me to say the Millstone Inn was closed when she attempted to visit this waterfall. If you click on their web site it says 'closed for the 2006 season'. If you want to attempt anyway, keep reading.... To get to these falls, head west on Hwy 64 about 1 1/4 miles from the intersection of Hwy 107 in Cashiers. Turn left at the sign for the Millstone Inn and follow the signs for the office. Park in the gravel lot. The Millstone Inn is in a beautiful setting and looks like it would be a very peaceful place to stay. You can visit their web site here. It's very nice of the owners to allow access through their property. Please check in the office to let them know you would like to visit the waterfall and thank them for being so gracious. The 1/2 mile trail is fairly easy and anyone in reasonably good health should be able to do it.

I thought the right side waterfall was the nicest. The upper section that you can barely see in the above photo looks like it would be worth checking out, but since it's on private property, you can't. The left side waterfall is pictured below. Water levels at the time of out visit were low - I think this side would benefit from more flow.


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