Skinny Dip Falls 

Skinny Dip Falls is on the same stream as the waterfalls in Graveyard Fields - Yellowstone Prong. The waterfall is in 3 levels and about 30' high with a small swimming hole. Skinny Dip used to be little known, but has become more popular in the last couple of years - too popular actually. If your intention is to photograph the falls without people, you better get there early before the crowds show up. On a warm summer week end, cars spill out of the parking lot and park in the grass along the Parkway.

Parking for the falls is at the Looking Glass Rock overlook at MP 417 of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trail is about 1/2 mile and easy to moderate. Begin the trail after crossing the road. You should see a white blaze as this is part of the Mountains to Sea Trail. You'll quickly come to a short set of landscape timber type steps. At the top, bear left. The trail from here is rocky but not very difficult. The trail ends at the above view and a set of stairs leads down to the pool area. The pool is 5-6 feet deep at the deepest parts and the water is very clear and always cold. The creek then makes an abrupt turn to the right and you have to cross on the bridge pictured below. There are more rocks and small pools that people hang out on, but be careful getting down there. Wet rocks are very slippery!


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