Skinny Dip Falls is a nice little waterfall with a small swimming hole. I know some of you got to this page by searching 'skinny dip'. If you were just looking for pictures of naked people, you won't find any here. If you are looking for a place to skinny dip, well you can, but on a warm day you would probably have a lot of shocked onlookers. Skinny Dip Falls used to be little known, but has become more popular in the last couple of years.

Parking for the falls is at the Looking Glass overlook at MP 417 of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the trailhead is across the road. The trail is about 1/2 mile and fairly easy. Begin the trail after crossing the road. You should see a white blaze as this is part of the Mountains to Sea Trail. You'll quickly come to a short set of landscape timber type steps. At the top, bear left. The trail from here is rocky but not very difficult. The trail ends at the above view. A set of real stairs leads down to the pool area. The pool is 5-6 feet deep at the deepest parts and the water is very clear and always cold. Below are a few more shots of the falls - it was impossible to get a shot without people in it, but they provide a good size perspective.

In this next one, the lady was trying to decide whether or not to jump, then a dude jumped from the upper boulder, freaked the lady out causing her to fall in off of her rock.

This next one is from above the pool - the creek flows over the rocks below where the lady in the blue shirt is, then makes a left under the walkway. There were a bunch of people down there also, playing in the water.

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