Sliding Rock

4-07-14  Sliding Rock is a 60' natural rock slide with a 6-7 foot deep pool at the base - perfect for you folks looking for a waterfall to slide down. The slide is a Forest Service recreation area with lifeguards and staff are on duty from Memorial Day week end through Labor Day. Beginning in May 2014, the fee to access the parking area will increase to $2 per person (from $1 per person). You can also buy a season pass for $25. Parking is somewhat limited, so go early if you can. It will be crowded on a summer week end. I think kids have to be a certain size to slide alone, but can sit on the lap of an adult. There are bathrooms which are open in season. For more info, call the US Forest Service at 828-877-3350. 

Directions:  From the intersection of NC 280 / US64 / US276 near Brevard, drive north on US276 for 7.5 miles and turn left into the parking area and up to the booth where you pay. You'll see a 'US Fee Area' sign before the turn - there's also a sign before the turn if you are coming south on 276 from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I've seen people sliding off season, so I assume you can do it at any time at your own risk. The lines will be a lot shorter, but the water may be a little chillier. The water is cold in the summer also, but it feels great.

Below is some video of people sliding from July 3, 2009 - you may see yourself if you happened to be there among the masses of people. The song was written and performed by Dan Heimsoth. I was hiking with him recently and he said he had a song I might be able to use in one of my videos. It's perfect for Sliding Rock! Ceil Chappell sings back up vocals.


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