Spoonauger Falls is best seen after some decent rainfall. When we were there in December '01, water levels were low but the falls was still nice. Our return trip in late May '03 was better - a lot more water but the sun was right on the falls making for a tough shot. If you are on the NC side, come down Hwy 281 south just across the border into SC and take a right at the sign pointing to Hwy 107. At the stop sign take a left on 107, go a few miles (sorry, I didn't get a milage) and look for Burrell's Ford Road (FR 708) on the right. Go just over 2.5 miles down this gravel road and look for a pull off area on the right at an info board. The trail is an easy 10-15 minute walk up the Chattooga River, then up Spoonauger Creek. Cross Spoonauger, then look for a sign on the right for the 40' falls. There's a trail along the creek, but take the easier one that goes up the hill and around all the fallen trees.

If you decide to visit this falls, make time to see King Creek Falls which is back up the road in that parking area you passed on the way in. Here are a couple of shots from Spoonauger Creek.

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