update 3-5-06 - I first tried to find Still House Falls in late 2003 using Kevin Adams' 1st book. I found the place where he says to park, but it's right in front of somebody's house and I didn't feel comfortable about leaving my vehicle there and striking out through the shrub. The falls is in the Pisgah Forest, but there's no good way to get to it without treading over private property. On my last outing with waterfall gurus Bernie and John, Still House Falls came up in conversation and they offered to take me. Permission had been secured to cross someone's property into the forest, but I won't be able to publish our path here - sorry.

The 30' falls is on Fork Creek and once once the site of a moonshine still. The creek is forced through a small opening at the top of the falls causing the water to spew out instead of falling straight down. Unfortunately on the day we visited, the sun was shining brightly. In July, I made a return trip with Harry. That darn sun was shining brightly again, but at least things were a lot greener this time.


If you've made it down here and are the exploring type of person, there's more cool stuff down creek. There's no trail, so you'll have to bushwhack down the creek. Harry and I took a look in early March '06. Not too far down from the base of Still House Falls is a 15' falls. The flow of water was running down the left side, but the entire rock face was wet and slippery despite the lack of recent rain. The easiest way (not necessarily the safest) was via the 2 ropes someone has attached down the right side of the falls. You are relying completely on your ability to support your weight by holding on to these wet ropes, so be warned. If you slip, you'll be hurtin' for certain. Here's Harry coming down the ropes - it's steeper than it looks.

Not too much farther down Fork Creek is another drop off. The creek is basically a slide for the next couple of hundred feet or so. Heading down the rock was impossible, so we opted to head up the left side, over a bit, then back down to a safe place. A lot of this was a belly crawl type bushwhack and we ended up a little farther down than we wanted. If water levels had been up, we wouldn't have made it back up the rock to the point where I took this next one. There's more below this that we didn't get to, so this one will be continued....

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