To get to Lower Falls, go back to the previous trail intersection and cross the creek. It took me about 8 minutes to get to the top of Lower Falls. The falls begins with a smaller cascade shown below.

The creek then flows down a big section of bedrock and spills 10-15' over the falls into a large pool. To get to the base, scramble down the bank and cross the creek.

After soaking up this scene, head back to the Stone Mountain Loop Trail and head to the right towards the base of Stone Mountain Falls less than 1/2 mile up. The trail follows the creek and there are several nice little cascades before the main falls. Take the stairs down to the base. I crossed the creek on the boulders to shoot since there were several other people at the falls. The next shot is from a point part ways up the right side of the falls. The 2nd one is from the same spot, looking down at the bottom of the falls.

From here I decided to continue the loop up to the top of Stone Mountain, so I headed up the 300 or so stairs up to the top of the falls. There's a landing near the top with a view down to the base.

Soon after the top of the falls, a side trail leads to the right towards a picinic area and another parking lot. The trail to the top continues to the left. If you want to see the view from the top, this is the easier side to approach it from, but there's still a fairly steep section that heads almost straight up the rock face. The views from the top are great, but would have made a better photo on a clearer day. Part of the trail just follows the rock face, and there are blazes on the rock showing the way. Once it starts down, it gets steep! On a wet day the slick rock would be extremely dangerous, so keep that in mind if you go. The trail does level out and it's maybe about 1/2 mile more back to the parking area.

There's 1 more falls in the park - click here to see it.

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