Marty fishin' at High Falls
Fishin' at High Falls

The Thompson River has a personality all it's own. Most of it is more for adventure seekers than casual waterfall hikers. In my opinion, the Thompson is home to the Queen of all the waterfalls in the Jocassee Gorge area - Big Falls (Thompson Falls). Not many people get a chance to see this magnificent site. Are you one of the ones that have looked for it but couldn't find it?? Don't feel bad, it took us 2 tries and I've had people email me saying they've searched more than once and hadn't found it yet.

This section of the site also includes other waterfalls in the immediate area on nearby creeks and tributaries of the Thompson River. You'll have to drive around a bit to get to the parking for these falls, but here are the directions to the parking for the most of the ones on the Thompson River. From the intersection of US64 and NC281south in the Lake Toxaway area,  turn south on 281 and drive 3.6 miles (passing the entrance to Gorges State Park on the left) to Brewer Rd (SR 1189) on the left. Take the left but don't drive down Brewer Rd. Instead, park in the wide area next to the bank at the top of the road next to 281. You'll see an old gated logging road heading up the hill - this is the way to the following waterfalls on the Thompson River.

High Falls and Reid Branch Falls
Simon Falls - aka waterfall #1 on the lower Thompson River
Rich Falls - aka waterfall #2 on the lower Thompson River
Hidden Dome Falls - on a tributary of Thompson River
Standing Stone Falls - aka waterfall #3 on the lower Thompson River
Big Falls

Here are the other waterfalls in this immediate area. Please click on each for more detailed directions and information.

White Owl Falls
DEW Falls
John's Jump
Slippery Witch Falls
Tumblin' Fun Falls
Twin Falls, Joe Pack Falls and Bestos Falls - Twin Falls is no longer accessible to the public - sorry :(


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