Burgess Falls
Burgess Falls

6-20-16   Tennessee is a beautiful state and home to well over 200 waterfalls. I've only visited a very few of these, but will add more as time allows. I haven't visited some of the waterfalls listed here in several years, so I hope the directions are still good. The guide book I have been using is Waterfalls of Tennessee by Gregory Plumb. Online, a wealth of good info can be found at Tom Dunigan's site - Tennessee Landforms.


Great Smoky Mountain National Park - I have a separate Smokies section on my site that includes both the North Carolina and Tennessee waterfalls. Waterfalls on the Tennessee side that I have visited include Abrams Falls, Baskins Creek Falls, Lynn Camp Prong, Meigs Falls, the Sink, Place of 1000 Drips, Rainbow Falls and Ramsay Cascades.

Cumberland Plateau Area - This is a very large area of middle eastern Tennessee with numerous waterfalls. Many of the falls here plunge over cliffs in an amphitheater type setting. Others flow from or into caves. Click on the links below for more info on falls in different areas of the Cumberland Plateau.

Cherokee National Forest - northern districts - It's 2016 and I'm just now beginning to explore this area (except for Wolf Creek Falls). There's really no good excuse for this since the area isn't that far from where I live in Hendersonville.

Cherokee National Forest - southern districts -

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